… before pesticide bans. And shockingly, rather than basing those bans on science, it seems that environmentalists may have intentionally misled the public:

A group representing dozens of lawn care companies trying to bring charges against Ontario’s environment minister and senior bureaucrats over the province’s controversial pesticide ban is now calling for charges against 23 activists.


The activists worked with the Ontario government to ban pesticides using alleged false and misleading information to undermine the industry, Lowes said.

The documents filed on Tuesday allege the activists knowingly presented false and misleading information about the health and environmental risks associated with pesticide products, knowingly misled the public, lawn care industry and government officials, and impeded access to Health Canada approved pesticide products through fraudulent means.

I try to be environmentally friendly. I have used pesticides on rare occasions to deal with weed or bug infestations. When I need to. And I dislike the fact that my right to do so has been taken away from me by so-called environmentalists based on their need to tell others how to behave, rather than on any actual scientific facts.

I would appreciate it if these do-gooders would sit downand shut the hell up, and stick to actual facts. And if it takes a court to make that happen, then so be it. And I would appreciate the government sticking to science as well, rather than pandering for a few votes. Perhaps I’m asking far too much. But at least it’s a start.

Tip of the hat to small dead animals.